What is the Equine Tech Collaborative?

We are a group of like-minded horse people working to solve problems in the equestrian community with innovative technology-based solutions. While we each formed our own companies to focus on specific challenges,  we have realized that through collaboration and open communication, we are stronger together.

Our Mission


We are committed to supporting the education of equestrians in order to equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to facilitate the best practices in horse care, welfare, and management.


We believe in the power of conversation and communication between industry stakeholders to generate fresh ideas and inspire innovative solutions.


As we move towards a more digitized and technologically-enhanced industry, we embrace the importance of integration and interoperability to create the best and easiest experience for equestrians.


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Who are we?

The Equine Tech Collaboration was created in 2017 by the founders of BarnManager, Equo, Jumpfax, and StableGuard. Each of the founders was looking for ways to grow their startups on a startup budget and to continue to develop their offerings to ensure that they were providing the best possible solutions for their customers.

Through conversation, collaboration, and coordination, these four founders created a group to share experiences, work together toward shared goals and share in both the costs and benefits of collaborative marketing and promotion. The ETC has continued to grow and strengthen with the addition of new partners and the innovation that occurs when you bring people from different backgrounds and areas of expertise together.

Meet the Founding Members

Meet our Amazing Partners

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Stronger together

The equestrian industry is lagging behind most other industries in its adoption of technology to improve various aspects of day to life, care, competition, community, etc. But now, more than ever, technology is being used to solve problems across the spectrum for equestrians of all kinds.

As more and more technology emerges, we take advantage of the benefit of being late adopters and learn from the mistakes of the industries that have adapted much more quickly. One of these key lessons is the strength of collaboration and communication. When we work together, we can make better technology that is compatible and interoperable resulting in a better experience for our users. We can improve the conversations that we are having with members of the industry by having them together. And we can ultimately learn from each other while we grow and work towards shared goals.

There is no doubt that we are stronger together, and through the work of the Equine Tech Collaborative, we are aiming to spread the word and reach more equestrians than any one of us could hope to do on our own.

Check out our first project together

The Equine Tech Collaborative: A day in the life of Jessica Springsteen with BarnManager, Equo, Jumpfax and StableGuard

This video was created by Le Studio by Jumpfax

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