Stronger Together: Electronic Vet, Epona Exchange, and Event Clinics Join Equine Tech Collaboration

Online equestrian companies Event Clinics, Epona Exchange, and Electronic Vet have now joined BarnManager, Equo, Jumpfax, and Stableguard as part of the Equine Technology Collaboration, a cutting-edge group aimed at supporting one another in creating technology that better serves the equestrian industry.

“We are all young entrepreneurs and equestrians dedicated to trying to improve specific, separate facets of the equestrian industry through technology,” explained Nicole Lakin, the founder and CEO of BarnManager and the innovator behind the Equine Technology Collaboration. “While our specific areas of focus are different, we all share the same mission of utilizing technology to simplify the lives of horse people, give them peace of mind, and allow them to focus on why we’re all really doing this in the first place: the horses.”

By coming together as a group, all of the seven involved companies are able to work together to improve and to further spread knowledge of what they offer to equestrians. With BarnManager, Equo, Jumpfax, and StableGuard, respectively, those offerings include:

  • easily accessible and user-friendly barn management tools
  • horse transportation available right at the user’s fingertips
  • a complete, dynamic calendar and guide to show jumping events
  • and a leading equine video and alert system.

Now, with the addition of Event Clinics, Epona Exchange, and Electronic Vet, the Equine Technology Collaboration can also add an innovative equine activity registration platform, a leading equine sales service, and eVet certificates and equine medical document storage to the list of services collectively available to the equestrian community through the group.

Equine Tech Collab Header_NEW

“We are excited to work with like-minded companies involved in the Equine Tech Collab to promote technology and improve equestrian sport,” said Barb Blasko, MD, of Electronic Vet.

Electronic Vet offers a way for equestrians to show compliance records on demand through eVet certificate creation. It is the first comprehensive online equine vaccination record and provides a solution to problems arising from paper records.

As Blasko saw the chance to improve the management of equine veterinary records, Event Clinics founder and CEO Tara Swersie recognized an opportunity to improve another niche of the horse industry – in this case, by offering an easy way for equine activity organizers and riders to connect, allowing equestrians to find shows and clinics that advance their riding.

“We’re looking forward to working with our Equine Tech Collaboration partners to collectively support equestrians around the world,” said Swersie, a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. “Registration for equestrian activities is a $2 billion market in the U.S. alone. Collaboration with other leading equestrian software companies in the industry who complement Event Clinics’ product offerings will enable us to ensure the best possible experience for our users.”

“We truly believe that working together is the new way of leadership, and this collaboration is about leading a positive disruption in the horse industry,” added Juan Palacio, of Epona Exchange.

Epona Exchange was created as an online sales, leasing, and stud listing platform, designed to change the standard of horse classified sites by offering a premium horse shopping or selling experience unlike anything that was previously available.

“I’m really excited to welcome Event Clinics, Epona Exchange, and Electronic Vet to the tech collaboration,” said Lakin, a graduate of the Babson F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. “As a group, we’ve been using the tagline ‘stronger together,’ and I really believe that we are so much stronger together. We’re able to share ideas, collaborate, and help each other grow.”

Ultimately, the Equine Technology Collaboration plans to also offer integrations between many of the applications, software, and services represented within the group, making the use of the apps seamless for the end user.

To learn more about each of the companies involved in the Equine Technology Collaboration, find them online: BarnManager, Electronic Vet, Epona Exchange, Event Clinics, Equo, Jumpfax, and Stableguard.